About Us

In 2011, we set up Zaman Jute Diversified Mills Ltd. and, within a space of 12 months; we were successful in establishing ourselves as one of the best jute yarn producing factories in the country. Our quality can rival any other companies who have been in the market much longer. The response we received from foreign countries has been very encouraging, and in order to boost exports further, we are in the process of increasing our daily production by another 10 tons.

We have also been a prominent name in the poultry industry of Bangladesh. Our relentless dedication to provide only the best quality chicks, parents stock and poultry feed has made us one of the pioneers of poultry business in Bangladesh. We have ventured into consumer electronics brand store with the brand name “Best Electronics” and won over the hearts of fellow Bangladeshis. With over 75 showrooms across the country we are currently providing over 2000 electronic appliances of many renowned brands. Our customer service and after sales service team has strived to provide nothing but the best customer experience. Best Electronics has the vision to change the whole landscape of electronics brand stores in the near future with our unique marketing approach and reliable service.

Zaman group is also proud to maintain the highest standard in the Plastic industry and Food industry with our plastic products business “KPL” and food and confectionary business “Best Foods and Beverage”. KPL plastic products are made in Bangladesh using 100% virgin raw materials that ensures product durability and long lasting color. We currently have over 200 different types of plastic products. Best Foods and Beverage is also providing many different types of bakery and confectionary items while maintaining strict quality control measures.

For over 13 years Zaman Group of Industries has made tremendous efforts in order to provide the consumers in the premium market with quality products. Our Head-office is located at the commercial area of Motijheel in Dhaka and our Poultry Farms and Mills are situated in Chuadanga of Khulna division and in Gazipur District of Dhaka Division.

Zaman Group has a vision to establish itself as one of the leading conglomerates of this region; hence, diversity and expansion of our portfolio is a must. Keeping in line with this vision, we are already making necessary plans and acquiring lands to set up a cold storage, a sugar mill and a paper mill.

Zaman Group has set up Best Electronics Ltd, which has over 75 outlets all across the country. Best Electronics aims to sell consumers electronic products of renowned brands across the globe. With my experience as a director of Butterfly Marketing Ltd for 25 years, we have structured the company in a way that is best suited for the consumers of Bangladesh. We are also producing our own line of electronics products with the brand name “Conion” which has started to get Within 2 years, we plan to set up our own refrigerator, washing machine and television assembling plant.

Zaman Group of Industries has made tremendous progress in the last 10 years. This would never have been possible without the blessing of countless people and their unwavering support. I have been lucky to have the support of numerous reputed banks, which have never failed to back us through thick and thin. I must also thank all the agents and distributors who have worked diligently for our joint cause. On behalf of all the staff of Zaman Group of Industries, I thank you all and hope for your well wishes to take this company a long way forward.

Poultry & Agro

Zaman Group specializes in providing desired healthy antibiotic free chicks and fresh agro feed to the farmers to ensure them the optimum growth for chicks. Zaman Group of Industries has always strived for the best bio-security thus they have selected the geographical location of the farms very carefully as the locations have huge impacts on the hygiene and health balance on the farm. This conglomerate chose best companies around the globe as their hatchery incubator suppliers. Zaman Group has a vision of covering the complete poultry cycle from hatching chicks to producing further processed consumer chicken products by 2016.

Rafid Poultry & Hatchery Ltd, the first ISO 9001:2000 certified poultry breeder in Bangladesh has been relentless in assuring the best poultry breeding environment. The project has a total area of 12 acres. The company is honored to have such a wonderful and bio-secured environment for the poultry. The hatcheries are fully equipped with high quality machines all imported from USA. Currently per week production rate is 100,000 per week. They have a market share of over 10% and it is growing at a rapid rate.

Nova Poultry Limited, another poultry farm that was acquired by Zaman Group in the year 2003. At that time it was a fledgling project, however, with the radical guidance from Zaman Group, Nova Poultry Limited has become one of the pioneers of modern poultry breeding business. The project has a total area of 10.5 acres and capacity for 70,000 parent breeder stocks. Currently the farm has a weekly broiler production capacity of 80,000 chicks.

Rashik GP Hatchery had been set up in a rural area of Chuadanga with its own land of 2.67 acres equipped with 6 complete poultry sheds, an office building, and a dormitory. Their total capacity is 20,000 birds and per week PS production rate is 12,000. After fulfilling the average demand of Bangladesh we are looking to export PS to neighboring countries like Pakistan, Bhutan, Nepal and some Arab countries. Their vision is to provide the best quality PS to the local market as well as international.

Rafid Feed Limited started its production on 2007 with the technical assistance from a Taiwanese company. It has a capacity of 13-ton poultry/cattle/fish plated feed production. Out of the total feed production, 100% feed is made available to the open market through nationwide marketing channel. The whole process is carefully monitored to ensure the finest quality so that our buyers can rest assured about the nutrient value of our poultry and fish feed.


Zaman Jute Diversified Mills Ltd started its journey on May 2011 with a singular purpose of providing the best quality jute yarn. The factory is situated in Jheneidah right beside the Dhaka-Jheneidah highway. It is around 200 kms away from the capital. The factory with a capacity of 15 tons per day is producing high quality jute yarn from local raw jute. The factory is semi automated and all the machineries are brand new. It is already successfully exporting its products in Iran, Turkey, India, Holland, Russia etc. The factory has grown quite a solid reputation for its relentless resolve to produce high quality jute yarn. Zaman Jute also has a very efficient sales team who are performing brilliantly in many different markets. Work is already underway to increase production to 25 tons per day.

Household PLastic & Furniture


KPL started its journey in 2013 with a vision to reach the farthest corners of Bangladesh through its unique innovative designs and affordable prices. KPL specializes in producing high quality plastic products and furniture items using 100% Virgin Plastic raw materials, and excels in manufacturing the most durable plastic household items for everyday use. Now, KPL offers over 200 plastic products including tableware, kitchenware, bath ware, kids ware, food storage, table, chair, stool, and home furnishing, with a wide variety of designs and colors to choose from. KPL is proud to maintain the highest level of excellence in manufacturing process and has been awarded ISO 9001 certification in recognition of their efforts.


Consumer Electronics

Best Electronics Ltd.

Since starting its journey in 2013 Best Electronics Limited has established itself as a household name for electronics products. Strategic placement of the retail shops has ensured that we are available to serve consumers from all over the country. We offer our customers over 2000 products across many brands in a world-class ambience to ensure the most satisfactory shopping experience for you.Our product categories include Home Appliances, Kitchen Appliances, TV & Entertainment and many other electronics and electrical products. Along with all the renowned electronics brands we are also offering our own products labeled “Conion” with a wide range of electronic appliances to choose from. Conion strives to deliver the best and most affordable products with the most unique designs. Our well-trained and knowledgeable store advisors are always there to offer sound and personalized advice for helping a customer receive the best value for money. And to top it all off, we offer the most reliable customer support so you can rest assured.


Foods & Beverage

Best Foods & Beverage Ltd.

Best Foods & Beverage Limited (Best F&B) is dedicated to provide the most healthy, fresh and delicious bakery and confectionary products. Made using the purest ingredients of finest quality, Best F&B excels in producing mouth-watering delicious food items with an increased emphasis on health and nutrition. Best F&B launched its “Healthy & Healthy” brand in 2015 which now proudly offers over 20 products including Chanachur, Fried Peas, JhalMuri, ChiraBhaja, Toast Biscuits, Milk Biscuits, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Cheese Crackers, Salted Crackers and many more. With a vision to serve consumers from all walks of life, we at Best F&B believe that with good food it’s possible to win everyone’s heart. And Best F&B thrives to do that with nutritious and delicious food products made with unprecedented quality management process in every aspect.


The Papillon Hotel

Located right at the center of the commercial area of Bhola, The Papillon Hotel is a new luxury getaway into a beautiful island city right at the estuary of the river Meghna and Tetulia. Surrounded by the enchanting natural beauties, The Papillon is the perfect place to spend the night with luxurious comfort.

The Papillon Hotel cares for the satisfied experience of the lodgersand value their emotions more than anything, which drives them to go above and beyond to make their stay memorable. Equipped with all the modern safety features and amenities, the aesthetic has been designed in a way that’ll make anyone want to stay for an eternity. And to top it all off, their well-groomed and experienced hotel staff will strive to surpass all your expectations.

The doors of the Papillon Hotel are open for everyone 24/7 with a smile. With three types of rooms to choose from, the lodgers are sure to find something to their liking with the beautifully designed rooms.

The Papillon Hotel.Where comfort meets sophistication.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Best Foods & Beverage Ltd.

Zaman Social Development Foundation was established on 6th March, 2013 with Founder Chairperson Matluba Khatun with a vision to bring about positive social changes through acts of kindness. Since then the foundation has been ceaselessly working for the betterment of the lives of people in Chuadanga and Damurhuda. Now with the wise guidance of the current Chairperson Mr. Syed Asaduzzaman and a goal to extend their helping hands to people all over the country, Zaman SDF have started many social development activities such as¬ relief distribution, rehabilitation, free medical checkup, blanket distribution, social forestry, livestock vaccination and many more. They have already established 5 primary schools, a charity clinic and scientific Quran teaching center in mosques. Zaman SDF has streamlined the relief distribution process by conducting baseline surveys to identify people in need of help and provided them with relief cards to better manage the whole process. The foundation wishes to empower people of Bangladesh by helping them at crucial times of their lives and create a better future for both them and the country.

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City Centre (Level 11&16), 90/1 Motijheel C/A, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh

Phone: +88 (02) 9554170, 9551570 Fax: +88 (02) 7161673

E-mail: info@zamangroup.com.bd